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The goal of this project is to make a system that handles most of the complexity and hastle that comes with building an EPUB:

  • XML Building: Creates the necessary XML files from the metadata you provide.
  • Asset Management: Fetches all the images referenced in your files.
  • HTML and Markdown: Pass it in, get an EPUB out. That simple
  • Folder Structure: All files in the project are stored in a tree structure.
  • View or tweak your data manually before executing the build.
  • Compression: Create the EPUB file straight from the files in memory.

I wrote it to generate an EPUB from my Solutions for a Slow PC project and wrote it to hopefully be detached and usable for other projects. I should give a nod to ebrew which was this project is inspired by; it did almost everything right and if the dev would have had a different vision than a CLI app, this project would never needed to have existed.

Downloads and such

Released under the The MIT License Osi