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Esyncteric is a file-based one-way selective sync tool that allows customizable intermediary transformation. To put it simply, I built it to allow me to select piece-by-piece what music files I want on my MP3 players and then encode them from FLAC to MP3.

It's not limited to music though; it can be used with anything that needs pre-processing or just if you want fine-tuned selective sync.

  • file-based: It preserves folder structure in the destination but item inclusion is purely files. Not folders or wildcards.
  • one-way: It takes the files you selected, transforms them (if you set it to), and places them in the destination. That simple.
  • selective: You literally select every specific file you want synced.
  • sync: It copies the files you specify and cleans the destination of any you don't.
  • customizable intermediary transformation: Big words that mean "sync this file by running X program". Example: usiong ffmpeg to encode FLAC to MP3.

To be clear: Esyncteric's goal is not to be really good at syncronization, it's meant to be a base that allows you to you define the complexity of the syncing you need. It doesn't even compare destination files to their source counterparts for time or content difference. All it does is check if it is there.

It's "Esyncteric" because the usage is so bloody esoteric I don't even know if anyone besides me would want to use it.

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Released under the The MIT License Osi