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This site is currently underoing sone TLC so apologies if some links to projects are funky or do not work.
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Psyche is a teeny tiny IRC client.

  • Tiny
    • The goal of Psyche is not to have a fully featured client, but just one that does the job and is tiny.
  • Tcl/Tk
    • Psyche is written in Tcl/Tk because it's such a tiny language/framework with tons of support, that works great on a variety of platforms
  • Cross Platform
    • Being small, Psyche isn't designed to be "native" on all clients, but -being written in pure Tcl/Tk- it should be able to run.
  • Open Source
    • Originally I looked around for a small Tcl/Tk IRC client and all the ones I found were abandoned, in many cases with no source code still available. So Psyche is Open Source and available for all.